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Finding home in Adelaide

Monday, April 7, 2008 કાપલીઓ , , , 0 પ્રતિભાવો, આપનો પ્રતિભાવ જણાવવા અહિં Click કરો

It is really difficult finding home in Adelaide. This is the third time in my life post-immigration that I am doing it. being a software engineer and a web developer (by instinct ;) ) I prefer to basically depend upon the internet. So, I use the following website for that mainly.

  1. Real Estate:
    This is the most basic one I think everyone should start with. They also provide you simple login, email alerts and shortliting feature. Using Google Maps its a fun browsing. One of the widest database about property market in Australia. You can find the print version with Saturday's "The Advertiser".
  2. Property:
    It's sort of a subsidiary to the first one. But it has got a different interface. I have noticed that they sometime seem to be usign different databases.
  3. Domain:
    Another excellent source of information. They use Microsoft's Virtual Earth which does not work on Apple Safari browser. I liked the interface, and also worth watching as I have noticed extra listings not found on realestate.
  4. Gum Tree:
    This (subsidiary of EBay?) site is a collection of noticeboard style postings only. But who knows where you find your next home! beware of giving too much of personal information as some of the adverts may be very catchy but may turn out to be fraud!
    In print, I pick up the Advertiser on Saturday, as it is a good source of extra ads that are for properties avaialble from owners straight away.

Apart from that, I just try to spread the word across my friends and contacts if they know about any private owners' rentals homes available.

Finding is easy; getting one is tough! Yes, You can use these resources and may be able to locate the home of your dreams, but fill in the application and become one of those 50 applicants in the queue and you will realise this. I have experienced feeling the best candidate and having my application rejected later!!!

I will keep posting about my experiences here. So keep coming back or subscribe to RSS.

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