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UNICODE is Growing

Tuesday, May 6, 2008 કાપલીઓ , , , , , , 0 પ્રતિભાવો, આપનો પ્રતિભાવ જણાવવા અહિં Click કરો

Its a good news for Any Blogger of vernacular languages - wrt especially our gujju bloggers! Unicode is growing at an incredible rate! With release of Unicode 5.1 yeaterday, there are more milestones to be achieved. Google has started supporting Unicode 5.1 also in their services, which I believe will blow more air in the baloon.
What it means to us on the other hand is that internet is becoming more "accessible" to non-English speaking people. And hopefully all local websites will be presented in UNICODE like my favs - and ! It's really exciting!
Your participation can be limited to reading only but that too will help!

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